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How much attention do you pay to videos as a marketing channel? Many businesses ignore this source of valuable traffic and yet according to statistics, 50 percent of mobile traffic is dedicated to videos online.

With video marketing, you can have a fun way of attracting new customers within a few weeks. Thousands, even millions of people watch videos online each week.

Videos have a significant impact on how people react to your message, for example, statistics indicate the mere presence of the word video in an email subject is likely to increase the chance that people will open it and click-through rates for emails increase by 69 percent.

Videos are significantly more attractive to most people, therefore, they may be more willing to find out about your business through a video than a long email. This should make you want to begin taking advantage of this growing trend if you have not already started.

For a clear picture of what video marketing can do for your business as part of our local SEO services, here are some points: - It can greatly increase the amount of traffic to your site - It can increase the number of leads, which in turn can increase conversions and sales - It will improve brand awareness for your business - It can make it easier for search engines to find your site.

Video marketing, however, is not just about uploading videos online, it takes a more strategic and systematic approach to be successful.

Where we come in

We have a team of experts who know what kind of content can boost traffic and we take the time to understand your business so that we know who to target and with what video content to ensure that the videos have a big positive impact.

As part of our local SEO services we can handle the entire process of creating the video content to managing its publishing and monitoring the results.


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